Students Handling Urchins in Aquarium

Students handling urchins in an aquarium

Diver with Seastar on Head

Diver with seastar on his head

Luna Moth

Luna moth

Students Analyzing Specimens on Campus

Students analyzing specimens on campus

Field Studies of Lake Ecology Course

Students in the Field Studies of Lake Ecology course collecting water samples



Flower with Bee

Yellow flower with bee

Dipping for Brine

Dipping for brine

Preparing to Dive

Preparing to dive in Eastport, Maine

Why become a Zoology major at UNH?

  • UNH's location and facilities provide unique opportunities for the study of aquatic and terrestrial animals due to its access to the seacoast, the Shoals Marine Laboratory, the lakes region of NH, and the White Mountains National Forest.
  • Zoology faculty strongly believe in a hands-on approach to teaching and active involvement of undergraduates in research.
  • Wide range of faculty expertise, including freshwater, estuarine and marine biology, aquaculture, physiology, neurobiology and behavior.
  • A Zoology degree provides the background for a variety of professional positions in the public and private sectors, plus provides an excellent foundation for students seeking to apply for graduate, medical or veterinary school.